Types of Umpires

Field Umpire

  • As part of the umpire team, you have the most responsibility, plus you will make the most decisions
  • Running is a big part of the job, but at junior level even moderate fitness will allow you to keep up
  • Knowing and understanding the rules of AFL is a big part of it
  • You have the best view of the play
  • Field umpires generally get paid the most of all umpires

Boundary Umpire

  • As a boundary umpire, you get fit really fast!
  • You don't have as much pressure as field umpiring
  • Your main job is to call the ball when it goes out of bounds
  • It's often considered a great way to get started in umpiring
  • Plus you get paid to do it!

Goal Umpire

  • You are a really important part of umpiring
  • You get to decide the score and keep track of the score
  • Running is not a big part of this role
  • You can umpire multiple games on any given day
  • You can earn good money

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The Geelong Football Umpires League acknowledges the custodians of the land on which we meet,
train and umpire Australian Football. We pay our respects to all First Nations people and acknowledge
Elders past and present.
The Geelong Football Umpires League recognises and celebrates the clear historical evidence that
Australian Football is derived from the traditional Aboriginal game of Marngrook,