GFUL Grand Final Umpires History

See the tables below for records dating from 1935 to current day.

Pre 1979 records in separate link below

GFL Field Umpires

GFL Senior GF   
1979 C.Morgan    
1980 G.Turner    
1981 C.Morgan A.Gladki  
1982 G.Turner C.Rhodes  
1983 G.Turner C.Rhodes  
1984 C.Rhodes G.Kerr  
1985 G.Turner C.Rhodes  
1986 G.Turner R.McEwin  
1987 B.Allen R.McEwin  
1988 D.Rhodes R.McEwin  
1989 D.Rhodes P.Jones  
1990 D.Rhodes M.Nolan  
1991 D.Rhodes P.Prideau  
1992 D.Rhodes W.Cusworth  
1993 M.Osbourne M.Nolan  
1994 M.Osbourne M.Nolan  
1995 D.Rhodes J.Zampatti  
1996 S.Ryan J.Zampatti  
1997 M.Grapsas M.Learmonth  
1998 D.Rhodes M.Hockey  
1999 J.Grapsas M.Fanning B.Hallet
2000 D.McLachlan K.Andrew B.Hallet
2001 D.McLachlan M.Nolan B.Hallet
2002 D.Chaston D.Baensch J.Burns
2003 D.Chaston S.McDonald D.Santospirito
2003 Replay D.Chaston S.McDonald D.Santospirito
2004 D.Baensch J.Formosa P.Tatnell
2005 D.Baensch S.McDonald D.Santospirito
2006 D.Chaston J.Formosa J.Stephenson
2007 S.Trotter S.McDonald D.Wilson
2008 S.Trotter P.Trotter S.McLeod
2009 M.Bushfield P.Trotter J.Morris
2010 M.Bushfield D.Reid S.McDonald
2011 D.Baensch D.Reid D.West
2012 P.McEllhinet D.Reid G.Hassler
2013 B.Farnsworth D.Reid J.Stephenson
2014 D.Baensch J.Formosa J.Stephenson
2015 D.Baensch J.Formosa J.Abrehart
2016 N.Murnane J.Formosa N.Ross-Watson
2017 J.Robertson J.Formosa J.Waite
2018 D.Chaston A.Ritchies J.Waite
2019 D.Chaston W.Ross S.Guarnaccia
2020 Covid    
2021 Covid    
2022 C.Jones H.Gower J.Brown
2023 D.Wilson H.Irwin J.Brown

GFUL Grand Final Umpires 1935 - 1979


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The Geelong Football Umpires League acknowledges the custodians of the land on which we meet,
train and umpire Australian Football. We pay our respects to all First Nations people and acknowledge
Elders past and present.
The Geelong Football Umpires League recognises and celebrates the clear historical evidence that
Australian Football is derived from the traditional Aboriginal game of Marngrook,